I think this band came from hell in 2013 and spread their plague in Warsaw. Sadly I don’t  have info about their previous bands, but musicians seems to be not newcomers in local metal scene. 4 polish apocalyptical horsemen (bassist Trevor, guitarist Rafal, drummer Gines and vocalist Ralph) unleashed their first work in a form of demo in cardboard sleeve.

Cover art reminds me works of french artist Maxime Taccardi and was made by local artist Przemek Mikke who made video for song “Frontline” also. Video features b/w excerpts from band’s concerts, some WW2 footage, viper. Such a wonderful music needs bigger budget videos with more interesting scenarios.

We got almost 23 minutes of high quality semi-technical death metal packed in six audio-bullets. Even it’s only demo, but sound quality is very good. Sounds of bassist’s skills gives me multiple eargasms and sometimes guitars start to sound in different speakers, making stereophonical experience much more pleasurable. Massive guitar riffs just crushes on you like a tsunami and tears you into molecules. It’s one of those few examples when good production doesn’t kill the energy and heaviness of death metal. I wish a bit more atmosphere in next albums and much lower bass. This band may find fans among Bolt Thrower, Vomitory supporters or everyone who likes 90’s style death metal.

At concerts this band sounds awesome too, so visit their gig at place near you.

[Diovim #10]