We can see on cover a beast which has so many features that you could take lots of time to find them all. Interesting and well done job by Rafael Banzuel. Booklet is very thin and you won’t find lyrics there. The song names are simple and i guess they were made very fast and easily (The Mirror, The Other Side of the Mirror). These poles from Białystok play heavy metal without modern impacts. Tunes are catchy, guitars are strong, there are good melodic parts, but drums sound too sonorous, but i think it’s the fault of drum manufacturer. Drummer Przemyslaw looks so young in band photo, that you may think that guys took him from high school musical lesson. I got something to say to vocalist Przemyslaw (nope, they are not brothers, just the similar names). His voice is too throaty and inexpressive, but maybe he may “upgrade” it in few years. So, if they make vocals better and change drums they could warm up famous heavy metal headliners in polish concerts.