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Trio from Indiana had already made efforts in bands like Skullview, Chrome Disorder, Invasion, Shades of Grey, so now they are strong as an steel. So what this ‘lil naughty Yellowtooth will show us? Things get started with old antidrug propaganda news reel’s sound and after that we hear a mix of sludge, stoner rock with death metal type vocals. You can even find tunes from doom metal and…vaudeville (remember Diablo Swing Orchestra?). Lyrics are about lucid dreaming, 1975’s Pontiac, John Booth, fake greedy prophets, Lewis Medlock, betrayals, self destruction and etc. Yes, i am lucky, because the texts are printed in booklet, and artwork is gorgeous (song names are perfectly fitted into gravestone in back cover). So, every stoner/sludge maniac – this stuff is for you.
[Diovim magazine, 2012 Winter issue, Lithuania]